Pass the SweeTARTs Hearts.

A little late, but all the same, here come my true feeling on *Valentine’s Day*. And let me warn you, I am not a curl up with a pint of ice cream and The Notebook kinda girl & I’m definitely not a my boyfriend better send me a dozen long stemed roses girl either. I fall somewhere in between ~why the hell is this a holiday~ and ~I can’t wait for candy to go on sale~. 

A little background- I am completely and totally addicted to all types of sugar, so one would think Halloween & Vday would be like Christmas to me. Wrong. I eat candy everyday, whether I’m dressed as a slutty cat or not. Growing up I was a sucker for the Valentine’s Day parties in elementary school. Believe me, I live for the free candy, it’ll last me about 2 days. But as I got older it became less about chocolate and more about companionship. Suddenly buying your own candy was a sign that you were forever alone. NOT. COOL.

And even when I got a boyfriend February 14th stayed my least favorite holiday of the year. Sure it was nice to have someone to spend it with, but if you actually love someone you don’t need a holiday to show it. How did MC and I celebrate last year? Probably with Netflix and Cava. Just like every other hang out we’ve ever had. No roses. No hearts. Just How I Met Your Mother. 

One thing I do love is GALentine’s Day. I mean who doesn’t want to complain about boys & watch a movie? I love girls supporting girls more than a toasted sesame bagel with cream cheese, but I support my friends endlessly. Once again, a day on the calendar doesn’t change that. Ladies, I’m here 24/7. Chocolate coma or no chocolate coma.

So how did I spend my Valentine’s day? Well, it started with a GIF from MC that said something about love (gag). Then I went to internship, classes, taught spin, & had a very steamy date with 49 chapters of my Benjamin Franklin autobiography. Sexy day, right?

And per usual, the night ended with a handful of gummies and goodnight text. 

Stuck in my head: The Outlaw Josey Wales // Zella Day
Snap it: Cava HQ, Chinatown

Why I Love Where I Am…

I’ve always had an insanely amazing relationship with my parents. My dad takes all the credit, says he was tough in the beginning so he’d have less to do later, but I think it’s really because I am the biggest parent lover in the entire world and they just got lucky. 

University of Maryland has been in the family for generations, I’m talking parents, grandparents, the whole thing, so while it was a question of where I would go, it was never a question of where my parents wanted me to go. Terp is in our blood. We basically bleed red, black, white, and gold.

Every student goes through the college (panic) process where they really have to sit down and think if a school is really for them. Lucky for me, UGA, my almost top choice, got ruled out because I didn’t make honors there, so it was Maryland or bust. Well not bust, I had plenty of other options. Just none of them screamed “you belong with me” quite like a fancy turtle & an Under Armour partnership.

Every day I thank my lucky stars that I was rejected from Georgia honors because it brought me so much closer to a world that means so much to my parents, especially my Dad. Walking the streets of College Park I can’t help but feel so tied to my family history here. Not to be sappy, but I think college makes you really become the person you are and it can really define you, and I am so fortunate to get to experience a place that took such a big part in creating my parents’ identities.

Standing in the middle of my Dad’s Delta Tau Delta tailgate back during football season (think a giant neightboorhood Dad party but with Fireball and Helluvah dip) I couldn’t help but feel so connected to him. For the rest of our lives, we will both love something so much and I can’t even express how much that means to me.

I guess the point is that I am so happy to be back at good ole UMD. Even when it’s stressful and hard and overwhelming (hint hint, foreshadowing my upcoming semester), the thought that I share this place with the two greatest people I know only makes me fall more in love with being here.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share something so special with you. I promise not to go toooooo far for grad school. But the city still calls.


Stuck in my head: Morocco // Moon Taxi
Snap this pic: College Park

I say lucky waaaaaay too many times in this post. BRB, signing up for’s word of the day email right now.

Also just a disclaimer, this was written waaaay back when and totally neglected until now. I’m trying to get my stuff together here before it all hits the fan and I lose my sanity & free time. & it’s never too late to show some parent love. 

Tick tock…

In the grand scheme of things, a minute in your day is like a second in your whole life, yet I can’t help but hold every minute as dear as the next.

Something hit me recently, time might be my greatest source of anxiety, but it’s also my best friend. I’ve been gifted so many amazing people in my life and now it’s on me to take advantage of the clock.

Two things most people know about me- I am a huge crier & I love my family more than anything in the entire world. More than Instagram, more than spin classes, more than an supergreens bowl with extra falafel and a cup of Vanilla Bean Limeaid. Put the two together and you have me crying over every veterans coming home video, sentimental family scene in a movie, basically every time I think to hard about how lucky I am to have the life I do.

Stressing over time is normal for me. The simple thought of an analogue clock ticking the seconds away is enough to send me into a whirlwind of checking my day planner. Add the fear of missing out on precious family moments on top of that- enter stress sweats.

As I get older the people I love do, too, and my nightmares are full of running out of time with them. It’s why I’m not a huge fan of being away from home (& I’m just down the beltway). I’ve never experienced real pain before, and knowing that someday I will is really scary and paralyzing. But it’s not about waiting for that moment, it’s about seizing every moment before.

I’ve started consciously making more of an effort to keep in touch with the people I love. FaceTime me whenever, I’ll probably complain about some slew of homework assignments, but I will always have a free moment to appreciate our connection. Email me. Call me. Text. Twitter DM. Whatever it is, I want the notification. Today. 

When it comes down to it I just want the people who mean so much to me to feel the love that I feel for them all the time. I am a huge fan of a handwritten thank you note. Nothing is more genuine and heartwarming than taking the time to express gratitude, especially in this age of technology and ego. But instead of writing each of you a note, I want this to be my official thank you. It’s also a promise to grab every second by the pigtails because before I know it I’m going to be all grown up & my opportunity to learn from such amazing people may not be there anymore.

And to my most loyal reader, keep the comments coming. Nothing makes me smile wider.

& with finals around the corner I could use a couple extra smiles. 

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Happy Birthday to one of my fav readers- Mommy! Love you!!
Can’t wait for Thankgiving when the family will be whole again (@Sara why you gotta go so far away?)