Lessons Learned.

Hi friends, it’s been a while. This semester has been so jam-packed; words can’t describe. A couple months ago I decided to let those words go and focus on other challenges. The year isn’t over, but a creative mind can only take so many textbook readings before it has to create again. So here we are: let’s call it a writer’s revival.

Today I woke up inspired to write something that feels long overdue. If you know me, you know that there are a few things in my life that rise above the rest. One is exercise. Another one is getting the perfect picture of a latte. But, the most important one is, undoubtedly, my friends and family.

The way I live my life is an imperfect balance of uptight and carefree. While the rigid, routine, perfectionist side of my personality is more dominant, some of my key life philosophies come from the carefree side. Aka- my Dad. Today, instead of celebrating his birthday with Duck Donuts or Key Lime Pie, I want to share some lessons I’ve learned from him that have become my guiding principles.


1. Just Get Through It

Sometimes stress needs to take a backseat, and you just have to endure. This doesn’t mean “don’t give a shit,” as my Dad constantly reminds me when he tells me to take a chill pill over an exam or irrational worry, but sometimes it’s okay to let go of the pressure that comes from the expectations we set for ourselves. High standards are great to a degree, but perspective is key. If you sweat all the small things, the important things, like your health and the relationships you value, will just be harder to manage.

2. Not a Bad Choice

Guilt is a frequent feeling for me. I experience studier’s remorse like no one’s business. I have trouble indulging or taking time for myself. My Dad combats my insecurity in those moments by reminding me that just because that guilt is there, it doesn’t mean I made a mistake or a bad decision. Sure, there was maybe a different course of action, something more effective or proactive I could’ve done, but I shouldn’t let my overthinking make me feel wrong. It’s a “there will always be a next time, here are your options for when it comes,” thought process.

3. Be an Active Listener, but an Even More Active Understander

There have been so many days this semester where I’ve questioned the difference between a bad mood, a bad day, and being in a “bad place.” Stress wears heavily and while I can talk about how it’s affecting me, it can be scary to admit that it’s taking a toll. I am so fortunate that I can turn to my Dad for advice and support, but also as an ear that wants to understand the why behind it all. The level of understanding that has developed in our relationship is something I strive to bring to every other relationship in my life. He’s taught me to go beyond support into the world genuine caring. No thought is too crazy, no conditions to the love you bring to the table. I guide my actions by how I can have that openness with the people I love.


So, while this is no candle-packed birthday cake or surprise breakfast in bed, I hope this pays homage to you, Mister Dad. Thank you for all the calming phone calls, seafood feasts, and for being such a positive role model in my life. I know that I’m going to get roasted by Mom for the sappiness, but it felt necessary to finally thank you. Nothing says “reunited with my blog” than a post dedicated to the dude who does it all.

One week and four days until our first Sweet Frog run of the Summer. Until then, party hard. Fifty-something looks like thirty on you.

Stuck in my head: Pacific Love // RKS
Snap it: Iceland

Content might be irregular at first, but it’s time to get back into writing. Facing fears. Facing writer’s block. Tbh, it’s been deeply missed. Talk soon!

Another One Down.

It’s my birthday and I’ll blog if I want to.

Well, another year’s gone by and I’m still the same height I was when I was blowing out 13 candles on my birthday cake. A lot has changed since the big 1-8 and it’s been a rather exciting year marked by finding new passions, growing skills, and getting to keep on livin’ the good life. 

Here’s a year in my camera roll leading up to Nasty 19, complete with all the people that have made it such a good one. Ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy 19 (jk 24) of my favorite memories.

Looks like I’m growing up slowly but surely. Maybe adulthood isn’t as hard as it seems. 


Stuck in my head: Younger Now // Miley Cyrus
Snap it: KW- Cupcake Sushi (all I need rn)

PS. Pray for my 5 classes, accounting exam, and 4.5 hours of sleep

PPS. Thank you Marnie and Mitch for making many dreams come true. The best. 

18 on 18

I’ve always been the baby of the bunch & I honestly never minded it. Lately I’ve been facing the crisis of becoming an adult. Like hello, I swear I was 8 yesterday wearing my Little Mermaid nightgown and eating Easy Mac like it was crack and I was an addict. I recently realized that I am totally unprepared to be responsible for myself. I don’t really even know how to use an oven- what if I starve because I get tired of microwave/toasted/grilled/raw food? Enter hyperventilation. What’s better than calling all the adults you know and begging for life-hacks? Blogging to all the adults you know for life-hacks.

Dear people who successfully turned 18 once upon a time, please ease my transition.

  1. Is my metabolism slowly going to slow down until I can’t just eat pizza whenever I want?
  2. Do lunges ever get easier?
  3. Can I still call my dad about every medical question I have… and business question… and homework questions… And life questions?
  4. What is a mortgage?
  5. Am I expected to memorize my social security number now?
  6. What is a social security number?
  7. Do I need my own insurance or something?
  8. Am I supposed to like caviar now?
  9. Will I automatically like the taste of alcohol now that I’m an adult?
  10. Is it socially acceptable to go to work slightly hungover?
  11. How do you pay taxes?
  12. What is a lease and how do you sign it?
  13. How tough is the job market really?
  14. Do I actually have to read the print on documents before I sign them now?
  15. Do I have to watch the news for fun?
  16. Should I actually separate colors and whites when I do laundry?
  17. Who is my doctor now?
  18. Is it okay to miss being a kid sometimes?

Who knows maybe none of this will even apply to me. I could marry some rich man that knows all about being old and just cruise through life like I was 17. As if. We all know I have plans for myself. And none of them involve an old man paying my bills (unless it’s my dad, but he’s not old, just seasoned).

So I guess it’s time to figure this whole life thing out. Calling all the life professionals- watch out, I’m moving in.


Stuck in my head: Cecelia & The Satelite // Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness
Snap it: El Centro, DC

+Info: Taco Tuesday at El Centro is the way to turn 18. & welcome to the adult club, Molly. So thankful for sharing closets and sharing birthdays. & Olivia is the best roommate ever. Ok. I’m done.