15 Ways You Know Your Roommate is Your ~One True Love~

College can be super scary. Not going to lie, the first couple weeks were an adjustment. I had a horrible cold, less friends than fingers, and no idea how I was going to balance everything I’d committed to this semester. Looking back there are definitely some things I would change, but overall I’ve built a pretty good foundation here. Master freshman year- check. 

I really never thought I would find friends as funky and go-to as my high school buddies, and maybe I just got lucky, but I can’t imagine school without Lauren, Molly, Sabrina, Averie, & Olivia. There are still so many people out there to meet & I can’t wait to find more goofballs, but I love these girls. Now that the semester is ending I’m kind of panicking, what am I going to do without them for over a month?

I really want to focus in on one friend in particular, my lovely bed buddy, Oliveoco. Here’s the cutest/creepiest roommate story of the centry, so get ready. It’s totally When Harry Met Sally meets The Lovely Bones.

I found Olivia’s Facebook profile while stalking the UMD Scholars group online. She was one of 3 girls at the time. Me, some wierdo, and her. I friended her because her profile pictures were artsy, cute, and fun- three things I definitely wanted my college experiences to be. Little did I know that she was a high school poms captain, too. Was it fate? Duh. We swapped competition videos and thus began our six month internet friendship. Our first date was a group hang, where I met her two best friends, Molly and Dina, and she met some of mine. We shared sandwiches and Korean Tacos & explored Olney and DC together. I told you we were super adorable.

From late night dorm room chats to our usual table with Lauren in the dining hall (RIP us. Please mail food it’s already too cold to leave the dorm. We will probably starve this winter if you don’t send anything), I literally can’t imagine learning how to vacuum with everyone else. Besides agreeing to get married if we are both 50 and single, here are 15 ways I know I’m meant to be with my roommate forever… 

  1. She gives me the large amounts of attention I need to survive daily.
  2. She lets me keep tofu and quinoa and cheese sticks in our fridge… and sour patch kids in our freezer.
  3. She talks to me in her sleep because she loves me just that much.
  4. She motivates me to go to the gym when I so totally don’t want to.
  5. She doesn’t judge my candy addiction.
  6. She throws away all her extra candy because she knows I will want to eat it and she values my health & dental hygine.
  7. She can identify all my high school friends by name and college (bonus points if she knows their Instagram handles).
  8. She listens to me cry for no reason and doesn’t want to kill me afterwards.
  9. She sends me good luck messages on the reg. Nothing gets you pumped for an exam like a “you’re gonna kill this” text. If Olivia says you’re going to kill this, then you are 100% gonna kill this.  
  10. She also leaves me good luck sticky notes because goals.
  11. She has the same taste in music and has amazing Spotify playlists (Sleepy & Sad all the way baby).
  12. She lets me talk about subjects I’m definitely not super informed about (aka politics) just so I can practice sounding smart (the election was a thrilling time for room 2112 Cambrige Hall).
  13. She’s always down for a dorm room dance party & chill kind of night
  14. She gets extremely over excited about the little things in life & never fails to brighten your day.
  15. This list could honestly go on forever.

Transitions are always a little rough. Middle school to high school. Team member to captain. There’s sometimes a lot of bad that comes with the potentially good. I guess I just want to thank my internet friend/roommate/future fish owner (we’re going to adopt a fish eventually) for giving me a semester of bff memories. Love you from the chapel to the XFinity center.

And to all my other UMD sisters from other misters, your blog posts are coming, don’t you worry. 

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Blogging instead of studying? Totally going to kill this finals thing. 

Here’s What Happens When You Get 12 Hours With Your Given. 

Some teenagers live in angst and hate their families and write poetry about how tortured they are. I would classify myself as the opposite kind of person. I would trade a night on the town for 98% lean hamburgers with my parents any day. And no, it’s not just because free food. Okay, it’s a little but because of the food but mostly because they just get me. They really get me.

Last night, for the first time since school started, our family was almost whole again. With the exception of my Aunt Kris’s crew, my family as I knew it before college came together and had another entertaining dinner where topics ranged from dairy-free ice cream to the boy my Grandma wants my cousin to marry (Max Flax, am I right?).

I don’t think I realized how different home would feel without my cousin/partner in crime/best friend. Let’s call her Sara. But only for storytelling purposes. The first family function was strange, not going to lie. And no, not because conversation revolved around vodka-soaked tampons, that’s relatively normal, but because my sister still had her best friend there, Jake was still a loner, & now I was talking college midterms with my uncle instead of high school drama with my best friend. It honestly felt like a major loss to me. Was this a funeral or Rosh Hashana dinner? Okay, funeral is a little extreme, I mean she’s just in Ohio and we Facetimed her in, but still… loss is loss.

The funny thing is Sara and I barely ever talk outside of opinions on what to post on Instagram while we’re at school. I couldn’t tell you the names of her best friends before this weekend (I could tell you their Instagram handles though) and I had no idea she’d tried going to the gym twice since school started (So proud. Keep it up!). So when she crossed the street and gave me a hug outside the DC food truck festival we were meeting at I expected it to feel like a magical reunion, but instead it was more like “Why are we hugging? We never hug.”

Bottom line, it felt like no time had passed. She was still my mini, snot-filled, super trendy cousin. And we were in DC pretending to be hip 20-somethings eating fancy ice cream. Typical. 

Family has always been #1 to me but I think it didn’t hit me that I was not going to college with Sara until she came back to visit. & I know she’s having an amazing time, but the selfish monster inside me hopes she decides to transfer and come back home. Not actually. I mean Ohio State seems amazing and she has such an awesome life there. I just miss her. Sue me if that’s so wrong. 

Sitting around the table on Sunday night everything was totally old-school for a minute. I had my person to make eye contact with when our Dads made uncomfortable, overly sexual jokes. Saying goodbye was like when we said hello- it didn’t feel real. I’m not wishing her well until Thanksgiving. That’s crazy talk… But it’s also real talk. 
So I guess what I’m saying is college is great and I’m so happy you’re happy, but I miss my given. Until this year you weren’t going anywhere, you were a guarantee, but all of a sudden there’s 403 miles between us and I’m not totally a fan. I mean who else is obligated by blood to hang out with me and take long trips to the bathrooom with me and  finish internship projects with me? It’s only 2 months of 4 years, and I bet I’ll get used to it, but right now I just can’t wait until Winter break & the adventures that await us. Even though it’ll probably more like Christmas movies and Buredo in my bed because who actually likes the cold?

So here’s my only request- Don’t forget about our plans to move in together after school. You still say NYC but I’m team DC now. Guess we’ll see where we end up.  I just hope it’s together in a trendy little apartment that we’ll barely be able to afford. Because to both of us, being broke in city is just training for being rich in the city. 

Will I keep missing you? Buck yeah. Are you still my given? No doubt about it. 

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Doodie!! Miss you always!! Keep me updated!! I promise I will survive! 

“Doodie”- (affectionate nickname, f) The female version of dude, term for best friend, sometimes also referred to as “dood”, not to be confused with Doodoo or dudette

How Does One Title 8 Years?

I think a person’s childhood can be defined by a couple things that make up their most important memories. For me it’s candy, my family, the beach, & some standout influential people I’ve met along the way. One person in particular has been on my mind a lot recently because I can’t get over how long I’ve known her and how far we’ve come.

Setting the scene: Bunk 26, 2009, two rather chubby 10 year old girls & a J-14 magazine

Arielle and I met during our time at sleepaway camp. I was, lets say, round and pale and awkward, and she was about the same but with tanner skin because hello, Israeli. We became quick friends as I showed her squirrels weren’t evil and she tested my already embarrassing hebrew. (The one word I still know is fish. I’ll let you know if this ever helps me in life.) I came home with stories of the Dead Sea and a (nonworking) email address to keep in touch with her. Luckily, summer after summer we kept coming back together, beds next to each other, like time had never passed (brief disclaimer- so her dad was the executive director of the camp but fate is a more romantic story so just work with me here).

Over the years we’ve had our personal victories and losses, 5,893 miles separating our experiences, yet we had the same struggles and conquests. High school brought boy troubles and ex-best friends to both of us, even though her story was in Hebrew and mine was in English. We we’re pretty bad at the whole keeping in touch thing- the 7 hour time difference was our worst enemy, and we could never really figure out international iMessaging.

This past summer we both worked as counselors & the hardest part of all of it was that our priorities had to be the kids, not each other. For the first summer in 8 years, she didn’t sleep, eat, and stargaze by my side. Saying goodbye on the last day was emotional, but she promised to come celebrate my birthday with me at college in the fall. Cue tears (think metaphorical rainstorm with Celine Dion playing softly in the background).

& as she promised, I got to sit across from best friend in my college dorm room, eating shitty pizza like it was totally normal. We spent the day decked out in UMD apperal, doing “american college” as Arielle puts it- aka tailgating and football. I couldn’t have asked for a better homecoming weekend because College Park really felt like home.

In the winter Arielle will be joining the IDF for two years. Honestly, I thought about it for a little bit- becoming a kick-ass army girl with a gun and uniform, taking a symbolic gap year, serving my religion and exploring a new, beautiful country. But, in the end American conventionality won and I am happily studying my brains out while in 2 months Arielle will be the kick ass army girl I day-dreamed (think Miss Congeniality meets Cadet Kelly).

Sometimes it takes a while for something to fully sink in. When I lost my wallet freshman year it only took 3 minutes before the loss hit me. With this, I feel like I still can’t fully process the bravery and strength of my best friend, but also the time that will pass before we’ll be together again. She’s no longer my Summer guarentee. And it scares me to be responsible for maintaining such a special relationship.

“There’s no judgements in this friendship.” Arielle told me as I ate another slice of pizza. Honestly, she should have stopped me because I was already 3 slices in and the food baby was in full swing, but who doesn’t love a friendship like that. No judgements. 

So to wrap this up I want to say cheers to two years of boot camp and celebration. Find your passion and your path. Live it up. I’ll still be here with my candy, my family & the beach when you’re done. Thanks for the memories. Here’s to a whole lifetime more. 

They say if you’re friends for 6 years then you’ll be friends for life. Well, here we are 6+, so I guess I can title our 8 years friendship forever. 

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Snap it: College Park, MD

Just for Arielle: I promise to never drink the red stuff again.