18 on 18

I’ve always been the baby of the bunch & I honestly never minded it. Lately I’ve been facing the crisis of becoming an adult. Like hello, I swear I was 8 yesterday wearing my Little Mermaid nightgown and eating Easy Mac like it was crack and I was an addict. I recently realized that I am totally unprepared to be responsible for myself. I don’t really even know how to use an oven- what if I starve because I get tired of microwave/toasted/grilled/raw food? Enter hyperventilation. What’s better than calling all the adults you know and begging for life-hacks? Blogging to all the adults you know for life-hacks.

Dear people who successfully turned 18 once upon a time, please ease my transition.

  1. Is my metabolism slowly going to slow down until I can’t just eat pizza whenever I want?
  2. Do lunges ever get easier?
  3. Can I still call my dad about every medical question I have… and business question… and homework questions… And life questions?
  4. What is a mortgage?
  5. Am I expected to memorize my social security number now?
  6. What is a social security number?
  7. Do I need my own insurance or something?
  8. Am I supposed to like caviar now?
  9. Will I automatically like the taste of alcohol now that I’m an adult?
  10. Is it socially acceptable to go to work slightly hungover?
  11. How do you pay taxes?
  12. What is a lease and how do you sign it?
  13. How tough is the job market really?
  14. Do I actually have to read the print on documents before I sign them now?
  15. Do I have to watch the news for fun?
  16. Should I actually separate colors and whites when I do laundry?
  17. Who is my doctor now?
  18. Is it okay to miss being a kid sometimes?

Who knows maybe none of this will even apply to me. I could marry some rich man that knows all about being old and just cruise through life like I was 17. As if. We all know I have plans for myself. And none of them involve an old man paying my bills (unless it’s my dad, but he’s not old, just seasoned).

So I guess it’s time to figure this whole life thing out. Calling all the life professionals- watch out, I’m moving in.


Stuck in my head: Cecelia & The Satelite // Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness
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+Info: Taco Tuesday at El Centro is the way to turn 18. & welcome to the adult club, Molly. So thankful for sharing closets and sharing birthdays. & Olivia is the best roommate ever. Ok. I’m done. 

Little fish, Big Ocean… Scared Fish.

Call me a business woman and welcome me to the real world because I officially have a LinkedIn profile. I feel like I should have a second bat mitzvah- “You exist to future employers now! You’re adulting!” Cue Torah reading, emotional Dad speech, cake, Cha-Cha Slide, & T-Shirts that say “www.linkedin.com/ln/jordanmetzman”.

The power of social media is truly astonishing to me. I mean, I spend almost every available moment of my life on it or thinking about it, but I can never really get over how influential it can be. A picture is worth a thousand words, so what’s an Instagram profile worth?

LinkedIn is something my business classes have been focusing on a lot lately. With the central theme of your building personal brand, the site is one of the most essential tools to market yourself online. Its connective power draws in users from across the globe, but my favorite thing about it is the sense of community and excitement that comes with clicking the “connect” button. The possibilities are endless and with so many users, it feels like the whole world is at the keyboard of my Macbook. I seem to be facing one little problem though-how do I summarize myself and my aspirations in one box in couple sentences? I feel like “Somewhere between kale, a cronut, a college student, & a DC enthusiast” isn’t going to cut it this time.

I’ve been reading through a lot of other students’ bios and they all start the same, “Student at University of Maryland majoring in…” And while that’s a great intro I can’t help but think (hello, am I Carrie Bradshaw yet?) that’s not really how I want to introduce myself to the entire world. I’m more than just a student and I want to establish that from the beginning. Every business scholars student primarily takes the same classes and graduates with the same degree- I want to show them why I’m valuable and why I’m more invested than the girl down the hall.

But, I don’t want to let my professional experiences define me either, even though they’ve taught me so much more about the industry than I’d ever imagined knowing at 17. I want to be my favorite moments and my stories, my ventures into DC, my VSCO photos, my traveling, my hours on the stairclimber, my sunglasses collection, my chinese food order, & my trials and errors (the tragic day I failed my drivers test comes to mind).

There is so much I want to be, and that one. little. box. is so daunting.

As I sit, watching the cursor blink at me because I haven’t typed anything for like a half hour and am now avoiding the situation (& continuing to avoid the situation) by writing this, all I want to do is make a list of things I love with a nice little note that says “If your brand message is something I can commit to with all my heart, please contact me.” But that’s not really how the business world works, unless you’re Gigi Hadid & everyone wants to work with you already. Unfortunately, I’m not Gigi Hadid. It’s okay, save your condolences, I’ve already come to terms with it and am ready to move on. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right?

Next steps? I’m going to suck it up and write a generic student summary of myself for now but pray to God that if I ever apply for a job I get an interview.

Because see, telling stories is kinda my thing and I’ve been practicing my handshake.

Oh, hey, plus side to all this, my profile picture is cute, so basically life is good.

Stuck in my head: Shovels & Dirt // The Strumbellas
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