Infinite Happy Days.

Back when flurries were falling and 70 degrees was what the thermostat was set to, I started my 100 Happy Days project. Reminder: It was me basically writing down one good thing about my day every day. Easy as pie. Just some cute, fun introspection stuff. Basically yoga. More than 100 days later I am proud to report I never made it past day 50. I know what you’re thinking, total fail, right? Wrong.

My journey of putting pen to paper and getting into the whole reflection thing was definitely harder than I expected. So was actually remembering to fill out a page each night. But, I realized that each day there was always more than one thing I wanted to write down. Once again, my eyes were opened to how fortunate of a life I lead (in regards to happiness) and how the people in my life are responsible for that.

Here are the highlights and my thoughts on the whole experience, because of course, I learned something.

  1. AOII was a huge source of happiness this year. From entries about good rush conversations (Day 27) to finding my soulmate/big and having adventures with my new family (Day 40), I’ve found a lot of happiness in the moments I share with my sisters. Honestly, no surprises here, but still. Peace, love, Pandas.
  2. Food is a really great thing. Not going to lie, most entries are pretty food focused. Some favs include trying amazing pastries (Day 45), finding my heart and soul at an all Vegan restaurant in Chinatown (Day 41), & too many Metzman family dinners to qualify as being “away” at college (emphasis on Day 36 when I included the word “amazing” to describe our meal… rare…). I think my appreciation for flavor & love for building better relationships using a fork, knife, and spoon really shine in my little purple notebook. Double helpings for all.
  3. Sometimes it’s the little things that make more of a difference. My favorite things to look back on in the past 100 (cough cough 50) days are the moments that are insignificant yet still influential, smile worthy memories.My top 3:
    #1- Olivia crumping (Day 50). I don’t even remember what this means but goofing around with my shoebox-of-a-room buddy is enough to make all the pain of finals season go away.
    #2- My professor knows my name (Day 39). Don’t worry, I continue to crave approval from every teacher ever, but hey, at least I’m trying in life. This honestly still brings me immense joy. Although my grade in the class is still pending.
    #3- Organized shoes in closet (Day 24). Because what’s a girl without her wardrobe.
    Other noteworthy entries: FaceTiming my Grandparents (Day 3), being thankful for having arms that move (Day 7), buying a slurpee (Day 11), “Olivia is a boss ass bitch” (Day 20), sunny days (Day 30), and basically any workout I did in this time period- shoutout mostly to BodyPump and spin.

Overall, I think the intimacy and positivity of writing down my favorite moments has led me to a special state of mind where I can appreciate the good in each day, no matter how fleeting of a second the moment is. It’s also about being able to spot these moments when they happen, and live in them for as long as you can. Such a little thing can cause such a big smile and I love that. My outlook now revolves around remebering those little treasures and seeking them out when life feels harder than normal.

So thank you, 100 Days (aka 54 days), for helping me find, hold, and love the tiny moments that turn that frown upside down.

Stuck in my head: Ever Since New York // Harry Styles
Snap it: Chinatown

To my loyal readers, you always make my day a little better. Thanks a million and a half. 

2017 is Knocking & 100 Happy Days are on the Way.

Tis the season of working out for hours, laying in bed all day, & having nothing on my schedule but lunchtime. It’s not gonna last forever. Hell, it’s not even going to last more than 3 more weeks.

There were days this semester where I never saw the sun because my textbook and flashcards blocked my view. And bless my overcommitting soul, I’ve taken on more this upcoming semester than ever before.

With my love of pushing the limits of what a human can accomplish in a day (and still get enough sleep to function), comes a level of stress one would classify as manageable… until you realize something is due today, you stay an hour too late at your internship, or you get hungry before the assigned dinner time. Then everything hits the fan and it’s basically like someone just told me Instagram is going to be deleted. Aka: Panic. 

Enter the real topic of this blog: 

There was an Instagram craze a couple years ago (& still) called 100 Happy Days, where users create a seperate account and post one picture a day of something that makes them smile.

This year I want to channel that energy into my everyday life. It can get pretty hard to appreciate the good when you’re so hyperfocused on the now (& the now might be dining hall chicken or a 60-paged culminating project). I’m going to keep a journal & write my “star of the day” as some would call it- the best part, my fav moment, the light in the dark. You get the point.

Did you notice I’m doing it minus the Instagram.The best part is that because it’s sans-social media, it’s really just for me. No followers or comments. & Just one like (hello, it’s me). New year, super old school. 

Now, how many New Years Resolutions will be made this year? My guess is one million billion. Pretty accurate right? Well, to avoid being a statistic I’m starting on January 2nd. It’s not a New Years thing, it’s just a Jordan finding inner peace and happiness in each day thing. Huge difference.

Side note to all of you making New Years Resolutions- been there, done that. If you want to “go to the gym more,” then go to the gym more. You’re kickass and strong af, give it a couple months and you’ll own the joint. If you want to “read more,” Barnes and Noble’s is still in business (for now). I reccommend Amy Schumer’s book, tres magnifique. Whatever your NYR is, you don’t need 2017 to tell you to do that. Find your #power and #commit

& One final thought, Christmas is over, so can we take those lights down now? It’s extremely hard to drive when you’re constantly focusing on the color changing, blinding reindeer on the roof instead of the car in front of you. It’s called distracted driving. Look it up, Santa. 

Stuck in my head: Fire and the Flood // Vance Joy
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