The Sophomore Album.

Well, it’s all finished. The stress, the pressure, the moments of absolute pure fun in between. This year was full of all kinds of things, and while I took a blogging break, I was still capturing my favorite moments by doing what I do best. Photos.

Sophomore year, you were the worst. But you brought some of the best people and memories into my life and for that, I am so grateful.

Fall 2017-Spring 2018: we’ll call you The Sophomore Album.

Stuck in my head: Giants // Bear Hands
Snap it: 19th Birthday Brunch, Bistro Bohem, Shaw

OK Ladies.

Girl gang. Squad. Club. Group message. They’re all synonyms for whatever you call the set of basic bitches that make up your speed dial. Even before TSwift and the ladies that grace her Instagram, girls have depended on girls. We flock to each other. And nothing makes me happier. Call me a girl’s girl or a feminist or whatever.

There’s something so incredible about the loyalty and love that grows in female friendships. Being in college, I’ve seen a lot of shambly things: missing shoes, slices of pizza bigger than my face, girls tumbling off picnic tables. You name it, there’s a good chance it’s on someones’ finsta somewhere. But through it all, there’s always a knight-ess in Urban Outfitters picking up the pieces. And probably another one recording the entire thing to play at your wedding in ten years.

I know it’s only been a week, but this semester has tied me to a lot of really amazing women. From my srat-star sisters to the five salsa loving ladies who let me keep three hummuses and twelve loaves of rye bread in the fridge at a time, I am honestly floored when I think about how College Park has evolved into my home because of these people.

Just to clarify, it’s not like I’ve never been in a lady gang before. I did say to call me a girl’s girl (@ my high school mamas). But due to a little summertime sadness and a lot of adjusting to a new, more #yolo, state of mind, I’ve needed my team to stick by my side and help me pick out a killer outfit. And, I can proudly say I have NOOOOT been disappointed. “Hoes before bros” has never been so legit to me before. 

To the people that support my Kardashian obsession, eat pho with me, and make every moment in between that’s so full of lady love it’s almost disgusting: I. Love. You. All. 

Stuck in my head: New Rules // Dua Lipa
Snap it: Home Sweet CP (with my little Snoop Dogg, Lauren)



As the weather gets warmer and the lectures get more boring, it’s definitely evident that spring fever is a thing. And by “a thing” I mean more infectious than the Zika virus. Suddenly even the smallest homework assignments feel like pushing boulders uphill with your bff Prometheus at your side. Aka, so not fun. Aka, a total struggle. 

I’ve never been one to procrastinate but recently everything and anything is better than sitting in a study room with a textbook and practice problems. I’ve recently started running again because even the pain and punishment of the miles ahead beat business statistics. And the hardest part of the whole situation is that we’re barely even, what I would call, close to the end of the semester. 4-5 weeks. You could order like ten thousand things on Amazon in that time. 

While most of me is so done with freshman year, leaving school is a confusing feeling. My routine as I know it will be completely flipped upside down and I’ll be trading hours at Stamp Student Union for hours in the sand. Outdoor dining and sunscreen, here I come. But saying goodbye to my partners in crime in CP will definitely be harder than imagined. If only Jenkintown, Columbia, Greece, and Bethesda were steps apart instead of miles. Honestly, they’re not far (except Greece), but they’re not the room next door. I guess it’ll just be a test of my communication skills. Which we all know are a 7/10 on a good day, and nonexistant on a busy day. Summer goal: soak up the sun and return a text. 

Okay, enough fantasizing about what *will* be and time to get to business. Finals might be weeks away, but it’s never to early to start complaining about them. Welcome to the best years of your life, they said. College so much fun, they said. I think they forgot about the weeks leading up to Summer.

My motivation is officially dead. RIP. Pay your respects in the form of avocados, please. 

Stuck in my Head: Way It Goes // Hippo Campus
Snap it: College Park, MD

When Nothing & Everything is Happening.

Life has been a little crowded lately. My days have become traveling from one event to the next while the clock ticks with alarming speed. Going from interning in the morning, to a full afternoon of classes, to a packed spin class, to a new member meeting is basically just Tuesday to me at this point. As you’ve probably guessed, this is the cause of my lack of blogging lately. It’s not that I don’t have anything to say, it’s that I’d rather watch Netflix than say it. 

Here are the top five things I want to spotlight today:

  1. Long distance has not gotten any easier, in fact I would argue it’s getting worse. With barely enough time to even change my socks in the morning my communication skills have fallen off the face of the Earth a little. Imagine dating a girl that rarely returns your texts and talks so fast she forgets to breathe, just to save time. Yeah, that’s where me and MC are at right now. Goal #1 of a million: Take the time to actually cherish the fact that I have such a good person in my life & Facetime him back every now and then.
  2. Learning to balance everything has been really difficult & even though I keep 3 separate calendars, none of them have the ability to send me a reminder that my training is NEXT week, not this week. No matter how many times I write down the right date and time, odds are I will show up somewhere wrong anyway. It might be time to learn the tricks and trades of Google Calendar.
  3. With all my college best friends headed in different social directions, it’s important to me, now more than ever before, to really make an effort to stay close. But even with so much going on, we easily manage to stay a part of each others lives. It’s low key a long distance relationship sometimes, but “we’re fine,” as we say at least 20 times a day to each other (whether it’s true or not).
  4. Just a little update- the food here is not getting any better but I think I am becoming numb to the feeling of never being satisfied. Broccoli and Chocolate Chex just aren’t cutting it anymore. This may be linked to my attachment to coming home. But correlation is not causation and we’re not scientists here, so.
  5. This is a short thank you to my mom who literally plans my life, fixes all my problems, and always calls me back. Teenage girls out there, appreciate your mom. Even if she tells you you have to stay at school and be independent when all you want is to be fed a quality meal and have a night in your queen sized bed.

Hopefully more posts to come in the not so distant future. Until then I’m going to watch the Oscars & study for upcoming midterms like it’s my third job. 

Stuck in my head: City of Stars // La La Land Soundtrack
Snap it: Vigilante Coffee Shop, Hyattsville

My Slice of Pi(e)

I can remember hearing about sororities forever. I watched GREEK & lived through tales from older friends, so I basically called myself a mini-expert on all things srat. Since the dawn of time, I dreamed and dreamed of having sisters, a house, and greek letters to call my own. Rush was quite the experience, but it led me to my newest adventure, Alpha Omicron Pi. 

Recuritment is something truly unique & there is absolutely nothing that tests your ability to girl flirt more. Going from house to house was like walking on air, honestly. I’d been counting down the days until I was a PNM before I even committed to Maryland. Late nights and sore throats were just sacrifices in the process.

Rush doesn’t work out for everyone, it’s just a fact. And when I say I think I got lucky in the process I truly and deeply mean it. As rounds got smaller the pressure built to make a decision and try to find my perfect fit. The problem was I saw myself everywhere and was super scared to admit I had a favorite at risk of being cut by the next round. Some call me superstitious, some call me obsessive, I just call myself emotionally unstable. 

As I looked at my Preference round list, I didn’t even have to think where I belonged. The decision had already been made by the amazing women that had come before me. Girls in AOII had already touched my life in such unrepayable ways it was hard to grasp the possibility that I could one day call them my sisters. To them I already owed my good times because they got me through the bad times & helped me become who I am today. Almost officially an AOII sister & a true lover of all things girl power. I can barely imagine how much more AOII will touch my life.

While change is nerve-wracking and meeting 100+ girls in one day can only be described as overwhelming, this is one of those moments that fails to be translated into words. I feel so incredibly honored it brings me to tears to say I made it.

Here’s to Pledge Class 17, Alpha Loves, a thousand new Instagram followers, and a GroupMe message that will probably never stop exploding. I finally found my perfect slice of Pi(e), and I plan to never let it go. 

Stuck in my head: Walking On A Dream // Empire of the Sun
Snap it: AOII house, Bid Day 17…aka the best place ever.

To Ally and Kuff- I literally can’t put anything into words, but you know. It was always AOII because of you. Eternally greatful. 

Quick little Dictionary:
Srat– sorority
PC– Pledge Class
PNM– Potential new member
Preference Round– Last round of recruitment. Super emotional. Super beautiful. No words to describe it.



Why I Love Where I Am…

I’ve always had an insanely amazing relationship with my parents. My dad takes all the credit, says he was tough in the beginning so he’d have less to do later, but I think it’s really because I am the biggest parent lover in the entire world and they just got lucky. 

University of Maryland has been in the family for generations, I’m talking parents, grandparents, the whole thing, so while it was a question of where I would go, it was never a question of where my parents wanted me to go. Terp is in our blood. We basically bleed red, black, white, and gold.

Every student goes through the college (panic) process where they really have to sit down and think if a school is really for them. Lucky for me, UGA, my almost top choice, got ruled out because I didn’t make honors there, so it was Maryland or bust. Well not bust, I had plenty of other options. Just none of them screamed “you belong with me” quite like a fancy turtle & an Under Armour partnership.

Every day I thank my lucky stars that I was rejected from Georgia honors because it brought me so much closer to a world that means so much to my parents, especially my Dad. Walking the streets of College Park I can’t help but feel so tied to my family history here. Not to be sappy, but I think college makes you really become the person you are and it can really define you, and I am so fortunate to get to experience a place that took such a big part in creating my parents’ identities.

Standing in the middle of my Dad’s Delta Tau Delta tailgate back during football season (think a giant neightboorhood Dad party but with Fireball and Helluvah dip) I couldn’t help but feel so connected to him. For the rest of our lives, we will both love something so much and I can’t even express how much that means to me.

I guess the point is that I am so happy to be back at good ole UMD. Even when it’s stressful and hard and overwhelming (hint hint, foreshadowing my upcoming semester), the thought that I share this place with the two greatest people I know only makes me fall more in love with being here.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share something so special with you. I promise not to go toooooo far for grad school. But the city still calls.


Stuck in my head: Morocco // Moon Taxi
Snap this pic: College Park

I say lucky waaaaaay too many times in this post. BRB, signing up for’s word of the day email right now.

Also just a disclaimer, this was written waaaay back when and totally neglected until now. I’m trying to get my stuff together here before it all hits the fan and I lose my sanity & free time. & it’s never too late to show some parent love. 

Screw it, I’m Going Out Tonight

First semester was a lot. It’s been kind of like dipping my toe in the pool to a life I only knew through movies, magazines, and my parent’s stories. & no lie the adjustment has been real. Part of me feels like I’ll never stop missing being able to make eggs in a kitchen that has been ~for real~ cleaned or having a closet that I can actually fit my boots into, but none the less, there’s a certain something that keeps me missing the Terp life while I’m away. 

I’m starting to see a pattern in my latest posts- LISTS. Maybe it’s because they’re fast and easy and I have about 10 seconds to write this. But, I’ll try and break the habit over break. Adding it to the to-do list right now…

Top three things I learned about myself, my school, and my distaste for being alone:

Not Always One and the Same. 

Everyone’s college experiences have different circumstances and I’ve learned a lot about different family and relationship dynamics that I hadn’t been exposed to before. Nothing is picture perfect, and I think its been really valuable to catch glimpses at how people deal with and learn from not-so-fun situations.

I’ve really had to master the idea that sometimes you can’t help someone fix themselves because you aren’t where they’re coming from. It’s really easy to say to do something or to try to put yourself in their shoes, but when you don’t have the genuine emotions and attachment, there’s a disconnect that can’t be forged through listening. Honestly, I’m still learning this lesson. I love to be the Dr. Phil & make all my friends’ problems just fade away, but sometimes you can’t. No, I’m not a psychology major. Just a loving person.

Being alone doesn’t make you alone. 

Key lesson, learn it now: spending time by yourself doesn’t equate having no friends and being a loner. It means that everyone here is on a different time schedule and even if you want a lunch-buddy, sometimes you have to settle for Netflix.

Believe me, spend days and nights alone on end and you’ll start to lose it, but that’s when it’s really important for you to have someone to fall onto. I’ve realized the best way to have plans is to make plans. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices- give up your warm, amazing bed to venture to the dorm next door for candy and girl talk, but once I became proactive about finding people to be with, the rest kind of fell into place. Nothing bonds friends faster than cold weather, a bag of sour gummy worms, and confessing cringe-worthy stories. 

But also, being alone means watching TV without headphones, sneezing without covering your mouth, and not having to share that bag of gummies. So enjoy your you-time. It’s not all bad.

You don’t have to be the smartest. You don’t have to get an A+.  

This has been the hardest thing for me to come to terms with. I’m a baby perfectionist with a love for high numbers and first letters of the alphabet. But for the first time in my academic life it’s not really realistic to get the best grades out there. I think a big part of it is that I expect my hardest, best work to be capable of getting an A+, when in reality, college classes aren’t designed that way.

I kind of regret how much energy I put into trying to get the highest grades possible because I feel like I missed out on some really memorable experiences. I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy first semester, because that’s 100% not true. I love the life I’ve made for myself, my friends, my routines, but I feel like the pressure to be perfect in the classroom has definitely been more than just a sticky note on my bulletin board of to-dos. Sometimes you just have to say “Screw it, I’m going out tonight.” Not sure how or when I’ll get there, but isn’t life just a work in progress? I’ve got potential. 

& As Olivia says to me after every not-so-hot test grade, “Cs Get Degrees.” 

So here’s to growing, changing, and learning to appreciate the fun in not having your nose in a textbook. Happy winter break. Never needed it more.

Stuck in my head: Drifting // On An On
Snap it: Filmore, Silver Spring (Jon Bellion)

Please pardon the fact that finals ended last week and this is being posted now. Everyone needs a couple minutes to just not care. I was taking mine. But no worries, I’m back and better than ever. 

15 Ways You Know Your Roommate is Your ~One True Love~

College can be super scary. Not going to lie, the first couple weeks were an adjustment. I had a horrible cold, less friends than fingers, and no idea how I was going to balance everything I’d committed to this semester. Looking back there are definitely some things I would change, but overall I’ve built a pretty good foundation here. Master freshman year- check. 

I really never thought I would find friends as funky and go-to as my high school buddies, and maybe I just got lucky, but I can’t imagine school without Lauren, Molly, Sabrina, Averie, & Olivia. There are still so many people out there to meet & I can’t wait to find more goofballs, but I love these girls. Now that the semester is ending I’m kind of panicking, what am I going to do without them for over a month?

I really want to focus in on one friend in particular, my lovely bed buddy, Oliveoco. Here’s the cutest/creepiest roommate story of the centry, so get ready. It’s totally When Harry Met Sally meets The Lovely Bones.

I found Olivia’s Facebook profile while stalking the UMD Scholars group online. She was one of 3 girls at the time. Me, some wierdo, and her. I friended her because her profile pictures were artsy, cute, and fun- three things I definitely wanted my college experiences to be. Little did I know that she was a high school poms captain, too. Was it fate? Duh. We swapped competition videos and thus began our six month internet friendship. Our first date was a group hang, where I met her two best friends, Molly and Dina, and she met some of mine. We shared sandwiches and Korean Tacos & explored Olney and DC together. I told you we were super adorable.

From late night dorm room chats to our usual table with Lauren in the dining hall (RIP us. Please mail food it’s already too cold to leave the dorm. We will probably starve this winter if you don’t send anything), I literally can’t imagine learning how to vacuum with everyone else. Besides agreeing to get married if we are both 50 and single, here are 15 ways I know I’m meant to be with my roommate forever… 

  1. She gives me the large amounts of attention I need to survive daily.
  2. She lets me keep tofu and quinoa and cheese sticks in our fridge… and sour patch kids in our freezer.
  3. She talks to me in her sleep because she loves me just that much.
  4. She motivates me to go to the gym when I so totally don’t want to.
  5. She doesn’t judge my candy addiction.
  6. She throws away all her extra candy because she knows I will want to eat it and she values my health & dental hygine.
  7. She can identify all my high school friends by name and college (bonus points if she knows their Instagram handles).
  8. She listens to me cry for no reason and doesn’t want to kill me afterwards.
  9. She sends me good luck messages on the reg. Nothing gets you pumped for an exam like a “you’re gonna kill this” text. If Olivia says you’re going to kill this, then you are 100% gonna kill this.  
  10. She also leaves me good luck sticky notes because goals.
  11. She has the same taste in music and has amazing Spotify playlists (Sleepy & Sad all the way baby).
  12. She lets me talk about subjects I’m definitely not super informed about (aka politics) just so I can practice sounding smart (the election was a thrilling time for room 2112 Cambrige Hall).
  13. She’s always down for a dorm room dance party & chill kind of night
  14. She gets extremely over excited about the little things in life & never fails to brighten your day.
  15. This list could honestly go on forever.

Transitions are always a little rough. Middle school to high school. Team member to captain. There’s sometimes a lot of bad that comes with the potentially good. I guess I just want to thank my internet friend/roommate/future fish owner (we’re going to adopt a fish eventually) for giving me a semester of bff memories. Love you from the chapel to the XFinity center.

And to all my other UMD sisters from other misters, your blog posts are coming, don’t you worry. 

Stuck in my head: White Blank Page // Mumford and Sons
Snap this: Union Market (again ugh just so photogenic and beautiful)

Blogging instead of studying? Totally going to kill this finals thing. 

I Got One Less P(CR)roblem Without You.

I’ve seemed to have found myself in the library with 38 minutes until my next class, 32% battery on my laptop, 3,000 other things I should be doing right now, and 1 important thing I want to share. 

If you’ve talked to me at all during the past semester I have undeniably brought up something called my PCR (Personal Creative Reflection). Aka- my super long paper/project for my How Innovators Think scholars course. Verdict- It was horrible. Reality- I am officially finished with it. 

Let me explain a little more about this experience. So, everyday for the past 5 weeks I’ve put in time into creating a culmination of everything I’ve learned in the past semester in my scholars program. This includes trips, guest speakers, class lectures, and outside of class experiences. And there has been a lot. And if you’re wondering, this is an assignment, not just something I decided to do because I’m fun and quirky and love innovation. 

While literally the bane of my existance, my PCR has taught me a lot about time management and creativity. Starting super duper early wasn’t really my idea, but a friend encouraged me by casually working on it every econ lecture until I stressed myself out and got down to business. This PCR owns many of my first semester Saturday nights and late night mental breakdowns. God bless tissues and coffee. 

There’s no other way I want to share the worst thing about this semester than through a blog about it. PCR, you will not be missed, I will probably never look at you again, and I really hope you don’t have any typos.

So, if you’re really bored or trying to procrastinate or just reeeeeaaaallllyyy love to read what I write, check it out. I’m going to assume the only people that will really read it are my professor and my Grandpa. And maybe, if I’m lucky, someone will plagarize from it next year and it can do some good for the world.

Until then, see you later PCR. You’re so not my problem anymore.

Stuck in my head: The Wire // HAIM
Snap it: DC Holiday Market outside National Portrait Gallery

I’ve linked it multiple times in this post so I don’t want to hear any “I couldn’t find it!” bullshit. But honestly, it’s so boring I don’t blame you if you don’t want to read it. 

An Open Letter to Halloween…

When it comes to priorities I’m pretty set:

  1. School/Interning
  2. Working Out
  3. Eating
  4. Everything else
  5. Things I hate
  6. Halloween

If there’s one thing that messes with your week more than an exam it’s a pointless holiday that requires actual effort and planning- aka, Halloween.

Let me just rant for a second here. Halloween used to be the best day of the year. Free candy, running crazy through the neighborhood, no parents… FREE. CANDY. And then all of a sudden I was “too old” for free candy. As if candy has a warning label right next to its nurtrition information that says “do not give to anyone older than 13 for free.” It’s honestly a disgrace to candy culture to create that kind of exclusivity. I’m genuinely disgusted. That is when Halloween truly died. Moving forward, once trick-or-treating was out of the picture you were expected to love being scared for fun. I’m sorry, there is nothing amusing about cowering in fear and sleeping with the lights on because you’re worried your house is haunted. Catch me at a horror movie never. And now I have a new struggle with Halloween. It has become a week long. Halloweek. Sounds an awful lot like hellweek. Coincidence? I think not. With said week comes expectations: 1) party every night like it’s not a Wednesday and you don’t have classes the next morning 2) have a slew of slutty costumes at your disposal 3) do it all again every night until it’s November 1st. If you refer back to my priorities list, Halloween is pretty low. Therefore, this week is my mortal enemy and it is screwing everything up.

Let me just say, I love to have fun and go out and be with friends. I’m not a Miranda, I’m totally a Carrie (minus the love confusion and crazy experiences), always up for a good time but with my eyes on the prize (her prize- new Prada shoes, mine- an A on my next midterm). But anyways, I just really love going out in clothes that are cute and trendy and match instagram aesthetic (think chokers & booties & city vibes). Devil horns do not match my Instagram aesthetic. And I know I can still go out in regular outfits, but all of a sudden I become a buzzkill. I’m the girl that didn’t dress as anything. I’m the person who showed up dressed as a person (not going to lie this was one of my costume ideas that was vetoed). & if I do try and dress up I have to really commit to it and put in effort and be creative. I. Don’t. Have. Time. For. This. 

Not to mention how women are expected to be a “sexy _____” instead of just whatever they’re dressing up as. I get it, it’s an excuse to show a little extra leg and not be yourself for one night. But, excuse me beautiful, skinny, sexy bunny, you are ruining dressing up for all of us girls that just want to be chicken nuggets and other unattractive, yet hilarious, things like that. Real world application: my costume idea to be cleaning supplies got shot down because it couldn’t be made sexy enough. Do you hear noise? That’s my dreams of being a mop getting flushed down the toliet with the rest of my dignity as I put on my cat ears.

As my wise friend said in a group message today “Every year I realize how much I hate Halloween and the hatred only grows.” 

Good to know there are other sufferers out there. I knew I picked good friends. Alright, guess I better figure out what I’m being because I’m out of candy and being social is all part of the college experience.

Stuck in my head: Heartbeats // Jose Gonzalez
Snap it: U-Street, Washington, DC

Please send me candy corn. It’s all I want in this world. 


Call Me an Honorary (insert Michigan’s mascot here)…

Live, love, Terps. All the way, baby. But I’ve gotta say… Michigan is pretty cool (literally and figuratively). This past weekend I took a little trip in time and lived it up with WJ Poms legend, Rachel (aka Rallen), and my main squeeze, Amanda_Stacy144, just like it was junior year and I was taking a break from SAT studying. Beyond being extremely excited to see the two people who understand every struggle I’ve ever faced, I was eager to get a look inside Amanda’s new life. Sorority, tailgating, restaurant hopping- new friends, new scene. I got to live it all and here’s how it went…

Day 1 in the Tundra: Let’s hit the highlights: I learned a wonderful lesson from my Uber driver about his past failed business ventures and how printer technology is a difficult field to break into. I developed a best friend crush on Amanda’s roommmate, Julia (please keep meeting stalker boys on the bus and cyberbullying Spoon accounts). I ate some salmon and salad at a cute little Italian place with Ral, Amandy, & friends from the floor (Courtney and Madi- you guys are perfect, never change.) We were serenaded with the Michigan fight song by the entire restaurant & an old person accapella group. Just so you know, they were not drunk, they were singing by choice. Michigan Alumni, am I right? Meal one ranked a 8/10 on the Holy Crap I Can Never Eat the Dining Hall Food Again Scale (HCICNEDHFA Scale), which is above a 5 so that’s pretty good food right there. Night time = Zeta (Amanda’s sorority) outdoor social themed 80s In Aspen. I wore a turtle neck sweater because it was 38 degrees and in 38 degrees themes are not my priority. The night ended with campus famous “feta bread” and a snuggley, too short, sleep in Amanda’s bed (feta bread was only a 6/10 on the HCICNEDHFA Scale, sorry Manders!)

Day 2 in the Tundra: Game Day the Mich Way! I’m going to summarize today in a series of phrases. Navy and Maize. Shivering. 9 miles of walking. Beer in my hair. Best sandwich I’ve ever had (Gbless Amer’s. 10/10 on the HCICNEDHFA Scale. Enter dreams of “The Georgia Reuben” and nightmares of the creepy old man that hit on me there). Napping. Exhausted giggle fest. Big Sean concert. I love Amanda and Rachel. BFC on Julia grows stronger. I found a bag of candy corn. 

Day 3 in the (slightly warmer) Tundra: Only needed 1 jacket today! Rachel and I went to breakfast at the famous Sava’s Restaurant where the floors were gorgeous and the food was even prettier (9/10 on the scale). Update: fried french toast should be called funnel cake on steriods. After some shopping I spent the rest of the day doing homework because it’s college. Not my college, but still college. Ended the day with pizza and candy corn (6/10 for the pizza, 10/10 for the candy corn #weakness) & woke up to Amanda taking pictures of me sleeping (I am an adorable sleeper so I don’t know what you’re going to do with those).

Overall, I was super sad to leave Michigan & even sadder that I had to wake up at 5:45 am to make my flight. I definietely didn’t fall in love with cold weather and the trek from central campus to Amanda’s dorm on North but it made me nostalgic and sad to think that my best friend has a new life that I’m not really part of anymore. I’m not being dramatic, I am obviously still important to her and we are still very much in each other’s lives, but she has things/does things that I don’t know and for the first time, it’s okay that I don’t know. College does that. I don’t really like it, but I have to live with it. Of course I’m selfish and wish that I slept in the bed next to hers (watch out Julia, I’ll be back), but out of all the possible scenarios I am happiest leaving her knowing how perfect Michigan and her friends are for her there. 

Thank you for an amazing weekend, I should probably Google what your mascot is since I am now a “Michigan Friend” & have a t-shirt to prove it.

Stuck in my head: Will You Love Me Forever? // Margo and the Nuclear So And So’s
Snap it: Sava’s Restaurant // Ann Arbor

Shoutout to Julia, Courtney, & Madi- you guys are troopers. Sorry I exposed Amanda’s weirdest self. Good luck getting the baby voice to stop. Peace, love, tracking pee. 

Rachel- gbless your photo & friendship skills. I know you don’t read these, but maybe one day you’ll see this. You hate hugs, but I am sending you a virtual one right now. 1, 2, 3… sent! 

Amandastacy_144- See you soon, text you sooner. Don’t be a stranger. Ever. Or I will probably end up dead. Thanks for making my big life decisions and writing my text messages for me. One last thing- “Why you do dat?” (All of this was written in baby voice and should be read in baby voice) 

Things I’ve Learned This Week…

This week has been one of those where you think the next day is always Friday but it was really like Tuesday and all you can do is pray for yourself and hope that you make it out alive. Update: tomorrow is actually friday but I am barely alive. 

11 internship hours, 10 studying hours, 4 lectures, and a ton of unfinished homework later I have put myself in a stress coma curable only by Ibuprofen and Girls. But wait, it’s not over. The main source of my panic is this huge business midterm that’s, wait for it, tonight. After my classes. And is 3 hours long.

This week has been enlightening for me in the differences between college and high school (more to come on this in the future), stress and relaxation, and the chaos of balancing three million things at once.

Here are the top 5 things I learned this week & now never want to learn again because I swear, anymore educational experiences and my head will pop off my body.

  1. It’s okay to eat three meals in the span of an hour and then eat Cava too. If it makes you happy and doesn’t put you in a permanent food coma then embrace your ability to store food inside you and take advantage. At least I ate like a king yesterday. Makes the rest of my study-filled night seem less tragic.
  2. Don’t skip a class if it’s just going to stress you out to the point that you read all the lecture slides while you’re skipping and you can’t even enjoy the comfort of your bed. Believe me. I’m currently living this. I mean I’m sick and sitting at my desk studying and writing this; I could’ve just been sick sitting in a lecture hall learning about consumer preferences and game theory (these are econ topics for all you uncultured swine out there). I just want to watch TV in peace but instead I have the mental picture of my next exam being in gibberish. Cue me pouring over a textbook for the next hour.
  3. Healthy food & stress stomach are not even close to being friends.  Just give your body what it needs: pizza, candy, french fries. I haven’t indulged yet but it’s coming. I can’t take the tofu and grilled chicken lifestyle this week.  Pass the pasta, please. I just need to feel a little joy and thrill.
  4. I am prone to charley horses and they are my mortal enemy now. I don’t know what causes them but I have been downing water like it’s holy and eating too many bananas so don’t give me that dehydration potassium shit. I just want the truth. 
  5. It is really nice to have a really nice boss. Yesterday, because my week wasn’t hellish enough, I forgot my dorm key in DC and had no way into my room/no idea how I was going to make it a week without my key. Answer: I would’ve had to pay $70 and get my locks changed. That would’ve been horrible and I would’ve gone hungry because that’s like all my birthday money (okay fine, not actually. I’m just a little bit of a drama queen & I like having flair). Anyway, my Mother Theresa of a mentor drove my key to me and saved my entire life basically. So thank you, Marissa. You are officially in my Best People Ever book next to my parents and Amy Schumer. 

So now unfortunately, my time is up and I must return to the world of responsibility, body aches, and frustration. Wish me luck. I’m gonna need it. 

Stuck in my head: Seventeen // Alessia Cara
Snap it: 14th street, DC

Mantra of this week: Do it because you have no choice and you are not lame. Don’t feel sorry for yourself. You have a great life and lots of opportunities to succeed. Amen. 

Disclaimer: I really am not horribly stressed. I am just normally 1% stressed and now I am about a 70-80% stressed. But not 100%. I’m not great at math, but that means it could be a hell of a lot worse than it is right now.