Three things you should know about me-
1) I get more joy out of getting the perfect food Instagram than I do from actually eating it.
2) Word vomit is kind of a thing that happens to me a lot.
3) I love the & symbol.

Hi. I’m Jordan. I am a college freshman at University of Maryland, majoring in marketing, with hopes of one day living in DC and doing social media for a company. Right now I’m a digital marketing and social media intern at Cava Grill HQ and I don’t think anything is more beautiful than a spoonful of hummus.  I love exercising and eating tofu, but I also dream about pizza, so please don’t treat me any differently, I am just a normal person. I’ve decided to start documenting my experiences & ideas because I’ve been warned college just flies by, and I don’t want to forget any of these moments. 

I’m new to this, so cut me a break if it’s a little rough around the edges. I’ll get there someday.