Cheesesteaks and Chokers: The Finale.

Well, the end has come and gone. I said goodbye to Fishtown, goodbye to photo shoots, goodbye to the team that taught me how to use a french press. To learn more about my time with URBN, consult my last post. This post is a tribute to a city that’s no longer new to me. “Dirty old Philly,” as our old lady neighbor once called it, is now a friend of mine.

Before this week’s outfits and eats and smiley moments, I want to take a second to thank the three best roommates I could’ve ever asked for. To Nina, thank you for introducing me to cookie crisps, knowing I’ll always be willing to take a photo of (or with) you, and being my Sample Sale ally. To Leena, you are the kindest, gentlest soul I’ve ever encountered and every interaction with you leaves me wishing I was a better person. Thank you for also talking Bravo with me while the others judged from a distance. And to Marg, you’re my ultimate adventure buddy. From walking 4 miles around the city by accident that first weekend to supporting and encouraging my peanut butter/mixed nuts addiction, you will never truly know how much this summer meant to me!

Okay, enough with the sap. This is the grand finale of my time in Philly. Back to the business school, I go.

Last #OOTDs


Last Suppers

The Best Week Yet

Well, that’s a wrap. This city’s definitely been good to me, too bad I never had the cheesesteak to prove it.

Farewell, Philadelphia.

Stuck in my head: Malibu 1992 // COIN
Snap it: Fishtown

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