Blast From The Fashion Past.

As much as I’d love to write a post devoted to Taylor Swift’s new upcoming album, Reputation, (pause for gasp and applause) something a little more runway worthy caught my attention this week.

If you read my blog I’m going to assume two things. One- you follow at least one influencer on Instagram and you’ve picked up a InStyle recently. Two- You’re at least moderately on top of the current trends. For those of you who are still reading Teen Vogue, these fashion musts looks a little something like knee-high boots, chokers, & bodysuits. The more sheer, the better. It’s a totally retro vibe that Kendall Jenner was made for. And what’s so interesting about all this glam is that these vintage styles are main players in the look book of our generation, too. So, is retro really the right word to describe it?

I think there’s a sense of unity that brings fashionistas of different decades together when happening stores (think Forever 21, Topshop, etc.) carry pieces that bring other generations back to their favorite memories. For some it’s the Woodstock days Free People knows so well. Others it’s Urban for 90s perfection. Basically, it’s a blast from the past that’s becoming the present. I’ll show my kids photos with the same street style my Grandma shows me now. It’s kind of amazing if you think about it.

As times keep changing and new colors hit the displays, it’s important to remember that we owe all our fashion glory to the good old days. Sometimes the best shopping is in the packed up boxes of those who worked it before us. Mom. Dad. Uncle. Second cousin by marriage. The more people you know, the more chances you have of finding something truly double-tap worthy.

So, here’s to the shoppers not yet ready to drop, the social media storm that picks the next big thing, and me bringing 23 pairs of shoes to college tomorrow. Forget a bed, I’d rather have a killer closet.

Stuck in my head: Capsize // FRENSHIP
Snap it: SOHO, NYC

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