When Nothing & Everything is Happening.

Life has been a little crowded lately. My days have become traveling from one event to the next while the clock ticks with alarming speed. Going from interning in the morning, to a full afternoon of classes, to a packed spin class, to a new member meeting is basically just Tuesday to me at this point. As you’ve probably guessed, this is the cause of my lack of blogging lately. It’s not that I don’t have anything to say, it’s that I’d rather watch Netflix than say it. 

Here are the top five things I want to spotlight today:

  1. Long distance has not gotten any easier, in fact I would argue it’s getting worse. With barely enough time to even change my socks in the morning my communication skills have fallen off the face of the Earth a little. Imagine dating a girl that rarely returns your texts and talks so fast she forgets to breathe, just to save time. Yeah, that’s where me and MC are at right now. Goal #1 of a million: Take the time to actually cherish the fact that I have such a good person in my life & Facetime him back every now and then.
  2. Learning to balance everything has been really difficult & even though I keep 3 separate calendars, none of them have the ability to send me a reminder that my training is NEXT week, not this week. No matter how many times I write down the right date and time, odds are I will show up somewhere wrong anyway. It might be time to learn the tricks and trades of Google Calendar.
  3. With all my college best friends headed in different social directions, it’s important to me, now more than ever before, to really make an effort to stay close. But even with so much going on, we easily manage to stay a part of each others lives. It’s low key a long distance relationship sometimes, but “we’re fine,” as we say at least 20 times a day to each other (whether it’s true or not).
  4. Just a little update- the food here is not getting any better but I think I am becoming numb to the feeling of never being satisfied. Broccoli and Chocolate Chex just aren’t cutting it anymore. This may be linked to my attachment to coming home. But correlation is not causation and we’re not scientists here, so.
  5. This is a short thank you to my mom who literally plans my life, fixes all my problems, and always calls me back. Teenage girls out there, appreciate your mom. Even if she tells you you have to stay at school and be independent when all you want is to be fed a quality meal and have a night in your queen sized bed.

Hopefully more posts to come in the not so distant future. Until then I’m going to watch the Oscars & study for upcoming midterms like it’s my third job. 

Stuck in my head: City of Stars // La La Land Soundtrack
Snap it: Vigilante Coffee Shop, Hyattsville

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