Pass the SweeTARTs Hearts.

A little late, but all the same, here come my true feeling on *Valentine’s Day*. And let me warn you, I am not a curl up with a pint of ice cream and The Notebook kinda girl & I’m definitely not a my boyfriend better send me a dozen long stemed roses girl either. I fall somewhere in between ~why the hell is this a holiday~ and ~I can’t wait for candy to go on sale~. 

A little background- I am completely and totally addicted to all types of sugar, so one would think Halloween & Vday would be like Christmas to me. Wrong. I eat candy everyday, whether I’m dressed as a slutty cat or not. Growing up I was a sucker for the Valentine’s Day parties in elementary school. Believe me, I live for the free candy, it’ll last me about 2 days. But as I got older it became less about chocolate and more about companionship. Suddenly buying your own candy was a sign that you were forever alone. NOT. COOL.

And even when I got a boyfriend February 14th stayed my least favorite holiday of the year. Sure it was nice to have someone to spend it with, but if you actually love someone you don’t need a holiday to show it. How did MC and I celebrate last year? Probably with Netflix and Cava. Just like every other hang out we’ve ever had. No roses. No hearts. Just How I Met Your Mother. 

One thing I do love is GALentine’s Day. I mean who doesn’t want to complain about boys & watch a movie? I love girls supporting girls more than a toasted sesame bagel with cream cheese, but I support my friends endlessly. Once again, a day on the calendar doesn’t change that. Ladies, I’m here 24/7. Chocolate coma or no chocolate coma.

So how did I spend my Valentine’s day? Well, it started with a GIF from MC that said something about love (gag). Then I went to internship, classes, taught spin, & had a very steamy date with 49 chapters of my Benjamin Franklin autobiography. Sexy day, right?

And per usual, the night ended with a handful of gummies and goodnight text. 

Stuck in my head: The Outlaw Josey Wales // Zella Day
Snap it: Cava HQ, Chinatown

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