My Slice of Pi(e)

I can remember hearing about sororities forever. I watched GREEK & lived through tales from older friends, so I basically called myself a mini-expert on all things srat. Since the dawn of time, I dreamed and dreamed of having sisters, a house, and greek letters to call my own. Rush was quite the experience, but it led me to my newest adventure, Alpha Omicron Pi. 

Recuritment is something truly unique & there is absolutely nothing that tests your ability to girl flirt more. Going from house to house was like walking on air, honestly. I’d been counting down the days until I was a PNM before I even committed to Maryland. Late nights and sore throats were just sacrifices in the process.

Rush doesn’t work out for everyone, it’s just a fact. And when I say I think I got lucky in the process I truly and deeply mean it. As rounds got smaller the pressure built to make a decision and try to find my perfect fit. The problem was I saw myself everywhere and was super scared to admit I had a favorite at risk of being cut by the next round. Some call me superstitious, some call me obsessive, I just call myself emotionally unstable. 

As I looked at my Preference round list, I didn’t even have to think where I belonged. The decision had already been made by the amazing women that had come before me. Girls in AOII had already touched my life in such unrepayable ways it was hard to grasp the possibility that I could one day call them my sisters. To them I already owed my good times because they got me through the bad times & helped me become who I am today. Almost officially an AOII sister & a true lover of all things girl power. I can barely imagine how much more AOII will touch my life.

While change is nerve-wracking and meeting 100+ girls in one day can only be described as overwhelming, this is one of those moments that fails to be translated into words. I feel so incredibly honored it brings me to tears to say I made it.

Here’s to Pledge Class 17, Alpha Loves, a thousand new Instagram followers, and a GroupMe message that will probably never stop exploding. I finally found my perfect slice of Pi(e), and I plan to never let it go. 

Stuck in my head: Walking On A Dream // Empire of the Sun
Snap it: AOII house, Bid Day 17…aka the best place ever.

To Ally and Kuff- I literally can’t put anything into words, but you know. It was always AOII because of you. Eternally greatful. 

Quick little Dictionary:
Srat– sorority
PC– Pledge Class
PNM– Potential new member
Preference Round– Last round of recruitment. Super emotional. Super beautiful. No words to describe it.



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